Theater Rental/Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties:

During current movie showing and use of side public area for pizza, cake, presents, etc. Then it will be $10  per kid for kid’s combo or $9 per kid for kid-sized pop & popcorn.

If during movie time (showing current movie) and NOT using the side public area cost is $3 admission + concessions.

Child’s name placed on the marquee the day of the party

Theater Rental for a private showing:

If non-movie time and showing current movie $100 rental fee + $3 admission + concessions.

If non-movie time and providing their own DVD then $100 rental fee + concessions.

Community & Non-profit Groups: (schools, churches, etc.)

Current movie- non-movie time $100 + $3 admission

DVD non-movie time $100

Concession offerings:

Small popcorn and small pop         K-3rd grade         $2

Older kids                                                 4th-6th grade     $3


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